Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Feel Like the Sun

Somewhere over the Mediterranean. 
      Y'all, I am so happy.  For the first time (maybe ever), I am truly content where I am.  Sure I have a couple of concerns right now, but for the most part, I am happy as a clam.  Since being done with school, my morale has skyrocketed.  I have so much energy, and I am productive like nobody's business.
       I feel satisfied with the way I am as a person. I think that I have finally found the real me.  (How narcissistic is this sounding)?  I was born 30 years old.  Finally, I'm getting to experience my life outside of highschool-- and it is awesome.
       I have plans to really start blogging more this summer. Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode. (Just kidding).