Friday, September 20, 2013

Happenings (3)

       So am I the only one who thinks this week has flown by? I mean, sheesh. Wasn't yesterday Monday? Don't get me wrong, I am super psyched that it is Friday. I have a busy weekend and an even busier week next week! The highlight of next semana is my impromptu trip to a top-secret destination. I'll be (hopefully) posting more about it next week! Here are some snapshots from the past couple of days:

       Y'all, being gluten free is hard sometimes. A bakery here only serves gf cupcakes on Fridays, so what happens when I need a cupcake on Monday?! I don't have the answer, but here is a picture of today's cupcake: coconut snoball. It wasn't what I was wanted, but when I took a bite of the sugary icing and slightly crunchy cake top, I knew that I would be set for the weekend.

       Here is an awkward selfie of me in Hobby Lobby...because CHRISTMAS! I'm really happy that there are Christmas trees and ornaments out, so here is proof of my joy. I looked all around me to make sure no one was watching and snapped the selfie. The security guys probably got a kick out of this.

       If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw this already. It's too good not to share again. Seriously, I put my head on my pillow, and three seconds later, Bitsy got herself all comfy-like on my back.

       This gets the award for being the worst photo of the week.  Before you start passing judgement, let me explain what's happening here. I washed my favorite shirt before taking a name tag off.  Don't you dare say that you've never done this because I know you're lying. Well instead of crying and marking it off as a ruined shirt, I took some packing tape to that sucker and the STICKY CAME RIGHT OFF. I seriously didn't put any effort into this. You're welcome. 


-Sidewalk Ready is the first blog I ever started reading and following. Go check out Kayley's clothes. They're awesome.
-My family has been watching Revenge on Netflix recently. The show has some awesome music that is played at the end of every episode. I've been listening to Twice by Little Dragon.
-This is true, and I'm totally okay with it.
-I'm totally looking forward to fall/winter so that I can bump up my makeup routine to look kind of like this. I need a matte red lipstick, methinks.

       If you need me, I'll be on the porch in my jammies, watching the rain, and drinking a cuppa the size of my head. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

One of Those Days

       You know those days--that day after a meltdown when you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, yet you're in a fog. Today is the day that I am deep cleaning my room, dusting and vacuuming the house, and getting out some fall decor. It's mindless work that is best done while listening to soft choral music like this. Today is the day that I am embracing puffy eyes, wet hair, and sweatshirts the best I can. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Happenings (2)

       Earlier this week, when it was 95 degree out, I lit my favorite autumn wreath candle and watched Great Expectations on Netflix. That candle scent is my top pick for fall because it's a little bit spicy, a little bit apple-y, and a little bit leaf-y. 

       This is my cat, Bitsy. She and I are buds, and have been so since we got her 13 years ago. Bitsy is looking dejected here because I kicked her off my bed so that I could change the sheets. After I apologized profusely, she went and sulked in the corner like this. 


-Go and read a bit from La La Lovely. Trina and I are kindred spirits even though she probably doesn't know that I exist. White decor, tea, and travelling are a few of her favorite things--sound familiar?
-This song has been on repeat for me this week.  One of my best friends and I officially made our plans to stay in Dublin for 4 days together, so Dublin's been on my brain!
-We have a bunch of tomatoes that have been forgotten about in the fridge.  While they're not best for eating raw, I'm drawing inspiration from this soup to use them up this weekend! 
-The best "hey girl" EVER. 
-As if I need another tea things, but this tea set featured in Sherlock S2E3 is at the top of my wishlist. Too bad it's way out of my budget. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Patience Is Not My Virtue

        Not going to lie, my morning started off pretty rough.  My alarm goes off at 5 every morning, and I usually hop out of bed.  This morning, I turned it off and dozed for another 20 minutes.  I took what I thought was a quick shower, but was shocked when I realized that I had been in for 15 minutes. Picture this: it's not even 6am and I'm already 35 minutes behind schedule. I speedily dried my hair and got dressed. No time for breakfast. Relieved, I pulled out of the driveway on time.
       Fast-forward 15 minutes.  I'm almost half-way to work when I get a call from my dad, and he tells me that he left his keys in my car last night, so he and my brother have no way of getting to school.  Now I'm set off. At the time where I would normally be 10 minutes from work, I am pulling out of my driveway for the second time this morning.
       Here's where it gets embarrassing. For my second commute, I was a fire-breathing dragon-Tasmanian devil-saber-toothed tiger cross.  I was fuming because I hate being late.  By the time I reached my destination, I had a headache because I was so tense.
       Isn't that sad? I risked my own well-being today because I was 15 minutes late for work. I think driving is something that we all struggle with, and driving by yourself further aggravates the situation. You're alone, so your thoughts are your own.
       I am restarting my day as we speak. I'm hunkered down in Starbucks with a chocolate chai latte (which is rather un-impressive). I'm breathing deep and praying today that God will give me the patience that I so lack.  I'll be getting a haircut today, so that will give me a fresh start.
Sorry for the blurry mirror picture!
       I'll also be snuggling this handsome boy in seer-sucker overalls. Seriously though, how can you be mad when you're around someone so cute as he is? 
       Happy Tuesday, friends!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Germantown Festival

       I hope you all had a great weekend doing whatever you do on your days off! Personally, I like a little friend time, a little nap time, and a little fun time. I did just that.

       One tradition that has stood the test of time is the Germantown Festival. Ever since we moved to Memphis, my mom and I have gone and scouted every booth. To us, the G'town Fest is the kickoff for fall. We always get excited because "OH! It's September, and we will finally be able to do autumnal things and eat pumpkin stuff and go to the fest!" Every year, it is hotter than Hades, so we cross our fingers and hope it'll be different next year. 
       If you're not aware of this event, let me fill you in: the weekend after Labor Day, hundreds of vendors set up tents in Morgan Woods Park. You can find lots of soap, silver jewelry, tacky yard art, jams and jellies, SEC gear, funnel cakes, gymnasts, and hand-sewn items. Seriously, if you want something handmade, it can be found there! Mom and I always go for the same thing every year: a personalized Christmas ornament. This one sweet couple has been making clay ornaments FOREVER. You buy yours, leave it with them, and while you're shopping, they'll write your family members' names on it with the year. We've purchased an ornament every year since 1997! 
       So with flushed faces, I give to you the Germantown Festival Selfie from 2013. 
       PS- I know you're going to hate this picture, Mom, but I really love it.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Happenings (1)

       I bought a huge bag of kale at the farmer's market on Wednesday.  The first order of business was to make my favorite soup: Sausage, Kale, Black-Eyed Pea, and Guinness. Recipe here

       I was driving down Union Ave. on Wednesday at noon.  The sun was shining, and I had my windows down. I happened to hear the bells at Idlewild Presbyterian church.  Since I didn't have anywhere to be, I parked, listened to the bells, and appreciated the simple things in life. 

       Yesterday morning, William fell asleep in my lap while playing. I loved every second since he isn't exactly a snuggler. 

       Isn't it funny how you can be transported somewhere just by a smell or taste? I made a cup of coffee that I bought in Rwanda. With the first taste, I was reminded of the excellent time I had there.  Everything came flooding into my mind--the smells, the tastes, the sights, the smiles. A quick trip to Africa was just what I needed this morning.

       I bit the bullet and bought myself a pair of Madewell denim. Let me tell you, they are SO worth the money.  I drove to Nashville this past weekend and wore these jeans.  416 miles later, they kept their shape. I thought, well, maybe I got lucky. I wore them several times this week to crawl on the floor with William. Still, no bags. The fit is truly incredible. Mine are the Skinny-Skinnies in the Madewell rinse. 


-Follow Megan Gilger's travels to Cape Town, South Africa. Her and her husband's pictures are incredible, and now I'm dying to go! 
-I've been listening to Emilie-Claire Barlow, a Canadian jazz singer, on Spotify this week. Check her out. You won't be sorry.
-Our sweet neighbors gave us three homegrown cantaloupes this week. In addition to eating them raw, I'll be trying this recipe out.
-For all the geeks out there (including me)!
-And since I have Africa on the brain, check out this company started by two American girls in Rwanda! 

       Have a super weekend! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So There's This Guy...

       There is a new man in my life. He's kind of short, and he only has a little bit of hair. He has a smile that will light up the room, and he gets me excited about waking up at 5am.  His name is William, and I think I'm in love.

       You didn't get that he is a precious baby boy? 

       I've been with him for just about a month.  His sweet parents needed someone to look after him, and I am the lucky girl they picked! After the weekend, I am so ready to see his sweet little face. Obviously, he's adorable, but as a bonus, he's super sweet too! I mean, William is one happy baby. First thing in the morning, he smiles. While playing, he smiles. Diaper changes? Smiles. Daycare drop off? MORE smiles. I can't get enough of his gummy, slobbery grin. Don't even get me started on his cheeks. We are talking PERFECT smooch material. Thankfully, his parents are nice enough to share him with me. Serious props to them. If I had a kid as cute as this guy, I don't think I would ever let him go. 

       Happy one month, William! I can't wait for the months ahead.