Wednesday, March 25, 2015

One Year

One year ago, Harrison and I went on our first date. 

I had imagined what it would be like to spend an evening with the most genuine, interesting, adored-by-everyone, and seemingly unattainable man I had ever met. I dreamed for six months. He had asked me out nine days prior to our date, and the wait was finally over. 

When we spoke on the phone earlier that morning, all nerves left me. I was bubbling over with excitement! 

At 7pm, we were ready to go. I hardly remember eating my salmon at Boscos. We sat and talked for four hours in that restaurant, trying to play it cool and not revealing how elated we both were to be with each other. He "missed" the turn back to the Pace's house so we could have an extra three minutes together. 

Forty-five days later, I had a ring on my finger. Now, we are about celebrate six months of marriage. 

I never dreamed that I would ever love someone so much, and it's crazy to think about how much that love grows every day. 

So here's to the man who finishes my sentences, takes care of the two of us, is handy beyond belief, knows about everything, eats the good and bad food I make, and brightens my days. 

I'm still starry-eyed. 

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