Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Four Days Till Florida--Read

     I know I promised a fashion post today, but my day got away from me, and I didn't have time to fulfill the ideas I had for that particular post. However, I do have another for you!
     One thing I plan on doing a lot of while in Florida is read. I used to go through books like air when I was a kid. Once middle and high school kicked in, I lost all time for the devouring of books. But what better time to plow through a few stories than vacation time? I visited the Goodwill Used Book Store here in Memphis today, and picked up a book for myself and one for my brother. Here's my list of reads for my trip to Florida!
I snatched this book at Goodwill today for $2.99! I absolutely loved the film, and can't wait to see how the book is compared to the movie. One of the authors, Mark Logue, is the grandson of Lionel Logue, King George's speech therapist. I don't know if it is going to be more of a biography of sorts or the telling of the story. The suspense is killing me! Here is the description via "It's the eve of World War II, and King Edward VIII has abdicated the throne of England to marry the woman he loves. Never has the nation needed a leader more. But the new monarch, George VI--father of today's Queen Elizabeth II--is painfully shy and cursed with a terrible stammer. How can he inspire confidence in his countrymen when he cannot even speak to them? Help arrives in speech therapist Logue, who not only is a commoner, but Australian to boot. Will he be able to give King George his voice?"

Here is one book I am not too excited about finishing. I purchased this back in December to read while on the way to Colorado. Personally, I couldn't get through it. It is so different from the movie. I know that generally, the book is always better than the movie, but I adored the film, Julie & Julia. I'm not entirely sure how they got what they did out of the book to make the film, but maybe it's just because I haven't finished the book. I do want to finish it, so I am bringing it along. 
And last, but certainly not least, Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion, and Truth in the Immigration Debate. As many of you know, I teach English as a Second Language (ESL) at a Hispanic church here in Memphis. This book was given to me by the pastor of this church as a way to help reach out to our students. It is written from a Christian perspective, and focuses on being fair and loving to our immigrants while still maintaining laws and justice in our country. Here is the description via "Immigration is one of the most complicated issues of our time. Voices on all sides argue strongly for action and change. Christians find themselves torn between the desire to uphold laws and the call to minister to the vulnerable. In this book World Relief staffers Matthew Soerens and Jenny Hwang move beyond the rhetoric to offer a Christian response to immigration. They put a human face on the issue and tell stories of immigrants' experiences in and out of the system. With careful historical understanding and thoughtful policy analysis, they debunk myths and misconceptions about immigration and show the limitations of the current immigration system. Ultimately they point toward immigration reform that is compassionate, sensible and just, as they offer concrete ways for you and your church to welcome and minister to your immigrant neighbors."

All of these books can be found on if you are interested. 

Oh, I also bought this book for my brother, Willis. He really doesn't like to read, but enjoys these hilarious comics beyond belief. For $2.99 I really couldn't pass this up. I felt like maybe I could get major sister brownie points from my 14 year old brother by giving him a gift. What? Sometimes a little bribery is necessary ;)

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