Thursday, October 11, 2012

Three Days Till Florida: Wear

     Well it's that time to get out the luggage, do all the laundry, and decide what to wear while on vacation! Generally, I stick with a color scheme when packing for a trip, so there will be lots of mixing and matching. I wasn't totally feeling the color combination that I picked because of my swimsuit collection. Teal, black, white, and gray weren't screaming Florida to me, so I decided to mix it up a little bit!
I purchased bottoms similar to these at Target a couple of days ago. If you can find swimwear in your size at Target this time of year, buy it! Most items are 70% off, so you can get great deals!This print is fantastic, and for $5.99, you really can't go wrong. I have turquoise and gray bikini and tankini tops that I'll be wearing with these to mix it up a little!  

These are my beloved Gap white trousers. They're from the Perfect Khakis collection. They fit in the waist and hips then flare in the leg to give the illusion of a perfectly curvy body. I love them to death. I scored them right before Labor Day, so I didn't get a chance to wear them a ton this year. They are certainly going to be a staple in my Florida wardrobe. 
No suitcase would ever be complete without at least four pairs of Nike shorts. Both myself and any other girl you happen to meet will swear by these things. They never fade, stain, rip, tear, or become inadequate. They are perfect for working out, running, long car rides, running errands, and slipping on and off at the pool. I'll probably end up wearing them to kayak at Wekiwa Springs! The only downside to these is that there are so many pretty colors, and after you have x amount of pairs, you can't really find a reason to get rid of the ones you have to make room for new ones. Such a first world problem...

I just realized that I haven't posted anything about tops yet! Let's start with a dress. 

So there's a story behind this photo. This is one of my all-time favorite dresses. I bought it at Target two or three years ago. Well, I knew that I had to feature it on my packing for Florida post. Guess what. No pictures of it online. Anywhere. So, I had to take a picture of myself wearing it, so I could have a picture just for you! See, I love you. Anyways, this dress is so flattering, and the halter top and ikat print are right on style. Because the colors are both bright and dark at the same time, I can wear it with sandals and bangles during the summer, and with a denim jacket and boots in the fall. It really is perfect. That is why I spent so much time getting a picture :)
And last but certainly not least, I feel this top really conveys the look that I'm going for. It's sweet, bohemian, and chic all at once. You can find it here at Anthropologie. For $29.95, it is a complete steal! 

I'm just thinking now that this time in four days, I'll be sitting by the pool, wearing a bikini, sipping on a fruity drink, and reading a book. For now, I'll settle for sitting at the kitchen table with a computer, wearing a Snuggie, and drinking a cappuccino while staring at my translucent skin. Just three days now!

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