Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter Essentials

Just five days away from the first official day of winter, I am settling into a nice, lazy routine.  I get up, drink my cup of tea on the couch or in bed while snuggled up in my favorite throw, then put on my trusty puffy vest and boots.

1. I bought my Eddie Bauer down vest four years ago for my birthday.  I wear it with skirts, jeans, leggings, and anything in between.

2. My mom purchased this blanket in Scotland last summer. It is 100% wool in the Thompson tartan.  It is the perfect blanket--light enough for summer and extremely cozy in the winter.

3.  Everyone should own a pair of LL Bean boots.  They are water, snow, and mud proof while still being surprisingly versatile.  Like my vest, I wear them with everything, including dresses.  Without a doubt, they are my most worn item in my closet.

4.  The first thing I do in the morning is head to the kitchen to turn on the kettle.  I have gotten to the point that I must have a cup in the morning.  Tetley is the best British tea. I prefer mine steeped for 3 minutes with a little milk stirred in.

5. And finally this is my favorite mug.  A cuppa tea cannot be enjoyed in just any mug.  This one speaks volume about me as a person.  From the moment I first stepped into Glasgow, I knew it had stolen my heart forever.  The caption on mine reads, "You can take the girl out of Glasgow, but you can't take Glasgow out of the girl." It's true.  My mom bought this for me at the Kelvingrove Museum last year, and it quickly became my favorite.

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