Monday, January 20, 2014


Rwanda 2013

Can we talk about how January is almost over? How I am so busy that my computer hasn't been turned on since last Tuesday? How the amount of time spent on things goes work>friends>sleep?

Guys, I have been adjusting to the new schedule for this semester, and it is a monster.  Things have been quiet around here because I've been working 40-45 hours a week.  Add 5.5 hours of choir to that, seeing friends, and maybe catching a snooze in between, and you have a recipe for a full, wonderful life.  Don't get me wrong.  I am loving every second, but blogging is going to the back burner for now.

I had an amazing weekend spent almost in whole with some amazing people.  We went to the Memphis Grizzlies game on Friday night--which let me say, was a nail-biting-sweaty-palm-we-might-lose kind of game, but we came out on top in the end--then pizza, iceskating, and game time Saturday, and a couple hours of more intense board-gaming, and conversing Sunday night.  If I were a good blogger, you would be able to see lots of pictures from our activities, but I'm not.  I apologize.

Things might be quiet a little while longer until I can squeeze some time (or find some extra hours in the day--sleep is for the weak, right?) out for blogging.  I hope you all have a great day off, and that you find some time to do things that don't normally happen during the week!

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