Thursday, December 5, 2013

Insert Siobhan Sharpe Quote Here

Megs and I Skyped with Kathleen last night and had chocolate. Three of my favourite things/people.


Tea- the elixir of life.

If you watched Twenty Twelve on the television, then you'll know what I'm talking about.  I'm talking about what she always says when something catastrophic or surprising happens on the Olympic Deliverance Commission. If you've never seen it, then you're really missing out. 

That said, I am talking about the weather. Aw, Melanie, why are you talking about the weather? That's boring. Not in Scotland. Let me tell you what's happened today. I woke up a few times last night because I heard thunder and wind and saw a flash of lightning or two. Just a storm, I thought. Well I woke up at 7 so I could go to work with Megan in Inverness.  When we left at 8:20, it was still dark outside, there were 40mph winds, it was 40 degrees out, and it was raining. So a journey that should have taken us 40 minutes tops, took us an hour and a half. Why? you ask? There were fallen trees, chimneys, road signs, billboards, you name it. All right, just a wind storm.  What's the big deal? After tea at Megan's work and meeting all her co-workers, I headed out to do some shopping in Inverness. By that time, it was sunny. Pop in and out of the Eastgate Shopping Center, and it's raining. Pop in and out of Primark, and it's snowing and dark outside. I decide to take the train back to Nairn so that I can get someplace warm and blog. I buy my ticket and notice the sign that says "All trains from Inverness to Perth are canceled." Cool beans. I'm heading in the opposite direction of Perth, so I should be good. Well, turns out ALL trains are canceled, so my one-day train ticket to Nairn can't be used. Blurgh. Finally, I go and get a bus ticket to Nairn, miss the bus by 2 minutes and sit in the cold and snow for 30 more minutes until the next one arrives. I get to Nairn and it's sunny again, but the wind is back. My Tunnock's teacakes were almost frozen when I got to the house. It's 32 out now with 25 mph winds. So long story short, it's really cold, and everyone here is talking about the weather. 

Other than that, I've a great day. I did a little shopping (it is so hard to not spend £100 in Primark), told 500 people where I was from, ate an AMAZING coronation chicken sandwich from M&S, and had a great time meeting everyone at Megan's workplace. 

I haven't taken a ton of pictures for one reason: my fingers are cold and I can't use my iPhone camera with my gloves on.  That's really sad, I know. I'll try and do a better job with that in the coming days. 

It's 3pm now, and the sun is starting to set. Tonight, I 'll be going with Ian, Megan's dad, to choir practice. You got that right, Mr. Brown, I'm going to choir in Scotland. I'll be thinking of all my friends who prepare for Lessons and Carols this week. 

Last thing. The painters who are working on the house just came in. Here's how our conversation went:

"Heya, how do you like this weather?"

"Oh, it's pretty cold." said I.

"Bet you're not used to this!"

"Eh, no. Not at all."

"Neither are we."

Straight from the mouths of Scots, people. 


  1. Choir practice in Scotland? Fun! We missed you last night. I am sitting by Kathleen and we had way too much fun. Seriously. I'm afraid they might separate us. You need some technology gloves - not what they are called, but they have a little pad on the index finger that lets you use your touch screen devices. Very awesome.)

    1. Definitely had waaaay too much fun at choir on Wednesday night. Also, Icemageddon 2013 is in full swing here. Not that I'm complaining, because now I get a day at home to do some stuff. But definitely don't miss those nor'easters that blow in! Love to all in Scotland!

  2. Hilarious Emilee! If your banter included percussion impersonation, then automatically it was amazing!