Monday, December 2, 2013

Some Ramblings and an Update

So I totally didn't plan on a blogging hiatus. However, an upper respiratory infection, stomach bug, and Thanksgiving had other plans.
I'm sitting here at the airport in DC waiting on my next flight.  I'm going to Scotland, but you already knew that. Here's what's been happening:

-Three weeks ago, I contracted an upper respiratory infection. That took me out for a couple of days. Exactly a week later, I got the stomach bug. Man, that one hit me like a dump truck.  No bueno. I'm not going to talk about that any more. I listened to an episode of This American Life a couple of days ago. A lady said that one thing that bores her to death is when people talk about their health.

-I am in Washington-Dulles right now. Getting here was a little bit of a harrowing experience. I left Memphis this morning knowing that I only had a 38-minute connection time in Houston. (Why United flew me to Houston and then DC, I'll never know. I'm not complaining, because I get the frequent-flyer miles). My plane from Memphis left about 10 minutes late.  When we landed, our gate still had another plane in our place. So that's another 10 minutes. Finally, I realized that we were de-planing in terminal B, and my next flight was in terminal C. I checked the screen to make sure that my gate hadn't changed, and for some reason, my flight wasn't on it. Holy cow, they've left without me. It actually wouldn't have been that bad because there was another flight leaving two hours later. BUT, I am NEVER late, so missing a flight would have stressed me out a little bit. Long story short (oh wait, this is turning into a long story), I run to the terminal train, impatiently ride it to terminal C, run to the gate, run on the plane and make it in the nick of time. SCOREEE!

-We went to the farm for Thanksgiving. I took a couple of pictures, but since I've already blogged about it, I figured you didn't need or want to see a bajillion pictures of the creek. You're welcome. Our food was less than traditional (or even perfect).  We ate at 7:30pm due to a faulty turkey fryer. I did have a good time. Next time I travel internationally, I'm going to the farm the week before. I wasn't stressed about my trip at all. I was able to forget about it for a while, and that was awesome. If you get stressed before a trip, try going to the farm. You can borrow it, if you want.

-I kind of wish that I had missed my flight in Houston. I know that airport and their food choices. Dulles is pretty small and lacking in the food department. I am thankful though that I am able to eat, because I was starving.

Here are some pictures of what's been happening:

This was at William's daycare. When you need extra encouragement, think of this. Kids are hilarious.

Speaking of kids, I saw William for the last time last night. I am going to miss that precious boy like nothing else. 
Camel selfie. 

Oh yeah, that's my cousin and I playing with baby lions. My Thanksgiving was actually pretty awesome. 
I'm also listening to Lessons and Carols 2004 in the airport. I'm in my happy place.
Oh and an airport with free wifi is basically the best thing ever. Maybe you aren't so bad, Dulles.
Next time I post something, I'll be in bonnie Scotland! 

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