Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Top 'O the Morning to Yeh!

I really couldn't resist a cheesy title like that. I mean, really. I could keep going. My inner clock is all messed up, so I still feel like it's 8 in the morning. Usually, when I get jet-lag, I crash at noon and literally can't keep my eyes open. Thankfully, that's not the case today.

My flight to Dublin was rather uneventful.  I ate my dinner, took my melatonin, and didn't wake up until we were an hour away.  I had a window seat, so I got to take some pictures from the plane.

Hello, Ireland! 

This is just outside of Dublin. 
When I landed, the first thing that I noticed was the green.  The tourism industry has really taken the "green Ireland" thing and run with it. Consisting of the huge AerLingus planes, grass in between the runways, high-visibility vests, and tinted glass of the airport, the green theme is really well done.  

And let me say, the Dublin airport is fantastic. It is clean and modern. It's also the cheapest airport in Europe to fly in and out of! There are plenty of shops to pass the time in, and the food choices vary. You didn't think that I would write a blog post without talking about the food, did you?
First things first. Believing it was still 7am, I instantly wanted coffee. So I got an excellent cappuccino in a real mug (!) and a gluten-free blueberry muffin (!!). If I had three thumbs, I would use them all to give this a three thumbs up. 

And lunch. I told myself that the first thing I would eat when I got to Ireland was a Guinness and corned beef and cabbage. Second meal in country isn't too bad. But what an amazing meal. I wound up getting bangers n mash instead, but it was amazing. The sausages were crispy and the mash was creamy. Guinness is a wheat free beer, so it's basically gluten-free. It is made with barley, but people with gluten sensitivities are usually able to tolerate the barley in beer better than wheat. Anyways, this was delicious and totally hit the spot. 

I also got my makeup done here (because what else do I need to do for 5 hours?) and wound up purchasing one of the products they used on my face. 

I am going to sit here in front of the glass wall overlooking the shamrock-stamped planes and misty mountains of Dublin until my next flight in an hour and a half.  


  1. I am jealous of this trip already!!!! I know you are in HEAVEN! Love you!

  2. So fun! Keep the posts coming! I'm escaping my real life vicariously though you!