Friday, September 13, 2013

Happenings (2)

       Earlier this week, when it was 95 degree out, I lit my favorite autumn wreath candle and watched Great Expectations on Netflix. That candle scent is my top pick for fall because it's a little bit spicy, a little bit apple-y, and a little bit leaf-y. 

       This is my cat, Bitsy. She and I are buds, and have been so since we got her 13 years ago. Bitsy is looking dejected here because I kicked her off my bed so that I could change the sheets. After I apologized profusely, she went and sulked in the corner like this. 


-Go and read a bit from La La Lovely. Trina and I are kindred spirits even though she probably doesn't know that I exist. White decor, tea, and travelling are a few of her favorite things--sound familiar?
-This song has been on repeat for me this week.  One of my best friends and I officially made our plans to stay in Dublin for 4 days together, so Dublin's been on my brain!
-We have a bunch of tomatoes that have been forgotten about in the fridge.  While they're not best for eating raw, I'm drawing inspiration from this soup to use them up this weekend! 
-The best "hey girl" EVER. 
-As if I need another tea things, but this tea set featured in Sherlock S2E3 is at the top of my wishlist. Too bad it's way out of my budget. 

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