Monday, September 9, 2013

Germantown Festival

       I hope you all had a great weekend doing whatever you do on your days off! Personally, I like a little friend time, a little nap time, and a little fun time. I did just that.

       One tradition that has stood the test of time is the Germantown Festival. Ever since we moved to Memphis, my mom and I have gone and scouted every booth. To us, the G'town Fest is the kickoff for fall. We always get excited because "OH! It's September, and we will finally be able to do autumnal things and eat pumpkin stuff and go to the fest!" Every year, it is hotter than Hades, so we cross our fingers and hope it'll be different next year. 
       If you're not aware of this event, let me fill you in: the weekend after Labor Day, hundreds of vendors set up tents in Morgan Woods Park. You can find lots of soap, silver jewelry, tacky yard art, jams and jellies, SEC gear, funnel cakes, gymnasts, and hand-sewn items. Seriously, if you want something handmade, it can be found there! Mom and I always go for the same thing every year: a personalized Christmas ornament. This one sweet couple has been making clay ornaments FOREVER. You buy yours, leave it with them, and while you're shopping, they'll write your family members' names on it with the year. We've purchased an ornament every year since 1997! 
       So with flushed faces, I give to you the Germantown Festival Selfie from 2013. 
       PS- I know you're going to hate this picture, Mom, but I really love it.

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