Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Patience Is Not My Virtue

        Not going to lie, my morning started off pretty rough.  My alarm goes off at 5 every morning, and I usually hop out of bed.  This morning, I turned it off and dozed for another 20 minutes.  I took what I thought was a quick shower, but was shocked when I realized that I had been in for 15 minutes. Picture this: it's not even 6am and I'm already 35 minutes behind schedule. I speedily dried my hair and got dressed. No time for breakfast. Relieved, I pulled out of the driveway on time.
       Fast-forward 15 minutes.  I'm almost half-way to work when I get a call from my dad, and he tells me that he left his keys in my car last night, so he and my brother have no way of getting to school.  Now I'm set off. At the time where I would normally be 10 minutes from work, I am pulling out of my driveway for the second time this morning.
       Here's where it gets embarrassing. For my second commute, I was a fire-breathing dragon-Tasmanian devil-saber-toothed tiger cross.  I was fuming because I hate being late.  By the time I reached my destination, I had a headache because I was so tense.
       Isn't that sad? I risked my own well-being today because I was 15 minutes late for work. I think driving is something that we all struggle with, and driving by yourself further aggravates the situation. You're alone, so your thoughts are your own.
       I am restarting my day as we speak. I'm hunkered down in Starbucks with a chocolate chai latte (which is rather un-impressive). I'm breathing deep and praying today that God will give me the patience that I so lack.  I'll be getting a haircut today, so that will give me a fresh start.
Sorry for the blurry mirror picture!
       I'll also be snuggling this handsome boy in seer-sucker overalls. Seriously though, how can you be mad when you're around someone so cute as he is? 
       Happy Tuesday, friends!

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