Tuesday, October 15, 2013

THE Farm: Part One

This past weekend, we drove up to the family farm in NW Arkansas. It is basically the best place to congregate. We were only there for two nights, but we had so much fun! Here are some pictures of the things we did the day we arrived:

There are two houses on the property. The old farmhouse, which is 98 years old, is the first one you see as your're going down the hill into the valley that the farm is in. It's always such a welcoming sight after the 7-hour journey.

Here's the road connecting the two houses. 

Spavinaw Creek runs right through the property. It is a spring-fed creek that is a constant 62 degrees all year-round. Because it is stocked with trout, it is a popular fishing destination.

We brought along our close friend, Kathleen. We obviously had a good time picking up rocks. 

It was cloudy when we arrived but...

...within a few hours, the sun was shining through the trees. 

And finally, a bouquet of wildflowers.

For updates on the farm go here.

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