Friday, March 15, 2013

Beaufort, South Carolina - Part 2


       Ah, Beaufort.  I can't stop talking about how much I love it there. This morning, we slept in a bit because we planned on having a really nice brunch instead of getting up and doing breakfast early. The morning started out slow. We took our time getting ready and packing our stuff. After checking out of our hotel, we made our way to Blackstone's Cafe. Truth be told, when I walked in, it wasn't what I was expecting. It looked like an old antique shop on the inside filled with flags and movie posters. But looks can be deceiving. We ordered enough food to feed an army: shrimp and grits, bagels and lox, croissant sandwich, English muffin, orange juice, coffee. It was spectacular. It was enough food for two meals. We originally went so that we could have eggs Benedict. When we asked them if we could have it, they told us that it was a Sunday brunch item only. I was pretty bummed, but what we did wind up ordering was absolutely delicious. All of their baked goods were made on location: bagels, English muffins, croissants. 
       After brunch, we decided to see a bit more of the town. We stopped in little stores up and down Bay Street. We met a really nice parking lot manager who told us that there would be an American Idol rally at noon. Now, I don't watch AI anymore, but it was very cool. Candace Glover is from Beaufort. We went to check it out. All I really wanted to see was Ryan Seacrest. When we found out that none of the people were going to be there, we left. It was kind of cool to be there though! 
       When our American Idol escapade was over, we walked in and out of neighborhoods. Let me tell you, there isn't an ugly house in the entire city. In fact, I never saw one house that I was just indifferent to. They were all the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Each one is on a quiet street tucked back away. You wouldn't ever know that the town center is just two streets over. The Spanish moss completely covers the streets and blocks out the sun. Somehow, it was was bright around every corner. Everything there is just lush and vibrant yet sleepy. Many of the houses are on the water, and it was just perfect. 
       After strolling through the sleepy streets on Beaufort, we stopped at the visitor's center for a bathroom break. While there, I saw a brochure for a free pice of chocolate at a local chocolatier. Of course, my interest was peaked. We walked a block down to The Chocolate Tree. Oh man. They had really good stuff in there. I got a free dark chocolate sand dollar and some fruit slices. You know, the gummy ones rolled in sugar? Coconut, sour peach, pomegranate, grapefruit, and chili mango were the flavors I picked out. You could really tell that all their candy was super fresh. My grandma got some of the best seasalt caramels I've ever tasted. We took a little lunch break then headed back on the road.
We are now in Brunswick/Jekyll Island, Georgia. I'll sign off now, and you can hear all about it tomorrow!  

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