Monday, March 11, 2013

Somewhere Between Summer Leaf and Mellow Jade

Shirt- Target Necklace- Forever21 (no longer available) Nail Polish- Essie Lip Gloss- CO Bigelow Earrings- Kate Spade (no longer available)
       I've always wanted to do a color board.  They seem like so much fun, but I can't ever decide on what to do it on.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you my very first color story!
       You know when you try on a shirt or scarf or dress, and the color automatically makes you look five hundred times better? Well, I had one of those moments this week.  I was in Target combing the sale racks like usual.  I found one of their v-neck tees for $5.  You know the one.  You have approximately twenty in your closet, but always find yourself buying the newest, prettiest color.  Yeah, those.  Anyways, I thought that the color was pretty, so I went to the dressing room. GUYS! The second I slipped it over my head, my face lit up. The color is awesome.  Now, I'm on a kick.  BUY ALL THE SHIRTS! 
       The color is a little hard to name.  On the Target website, it's listed as "Sea Galleon." I pulled out the Porter paint deck, and it's somewhere between "Summer Leaf" and "Mellow Jade." Call it what you will. I love it.  So here are some of my favorite items in this color family.  Oh and if you're interested, the color hex is 0EB79E. 

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