Saturday, March 16, 2013

Jekyll Island, Georgia- Part 1

First things first. I'm sitting here eating triple ginger snaps with Trader Joe's lemon curd. It is so delicious. Am I the only who's never eaten this before? I mean, ginger and lemon. Hello! Classic combination.
Now that you're good and tired of hearing about what I'm eating, I'll tell you all about what I did today. I went into this trip with no real expectations. Or maybe I did. I'm not sure. Either way, it has far surpassed any that I may or may not have made. Today, we were scheduled to do two 10k volksmarches on Jekyll Island. Last night, I debated whether or not I even wanted to go. A day by the pool sounded pretty appealing. True to my life's motto. I went for it. Y'all, it did not disappoint. We had to wake early so that we could register.
So we get down to the picnic area at 8:45 am, and I realized that I am probably the youngest person by 40+ years. I figured, "Hey! Old people (sorry Grandma!) can be fun too, so I am going to enjoy every second of this." We started out walking the historic route. I began the walk with my grandma, but my long strides and fast pace quickly pushed me and another guy to the front of the pack. I met the most interesting people today. The old man I walked with for the entire way, Jules, is a fascinating person. I so enjoyed getting to talk to him and hear about his army days and time spent being an x-ray machine maintenance man. We talked about everything under the sun. Before long, we had had passed all the people who started before us and finished a 10k way before everyone else did. Keep in mind, although these people have a few years on them, they walk at least six miles a day. I never do cardio like that. Ever.
After we smoked everyone else on the trail, we went to the restaurant where all the walkers were meeting. It turned out to be a pretty fancy place, and we walked in wearing gym clothes and smelling bad. It didn't matter though. We had a private room, and the windows were open, letting in the intoxicating smell of the flowers. The food there was excellent just like every other place we have eaten. I had a lamb gyro with sweet potato fries, and my grandma had a shrimp salad croissant with fresh fruit.
When we finished eating, my grandma and some of her friends went to go do a nature walk while I went and toured around Jekyll Island. It is SO beautiful. The lawns are so green and perfectly manicured. I even saw some couples playing croquette on the croquette lawn outside of the main building. It was definitely a couple's place. I didn't see very many kids while I was there. It was certainly a romantic place to be. Or if you're like me, you go and get ice cream by yourself. :) I was surprised because many of the houses were in the Mediterranean and Spanish styles. They were very different from the low country houses of Beaufort. I then went and toured Faith Chapel there on Jekyll Island. Side note, if you don't know anything about Jekyll Island, you should really check it out. It involves the Federal Reserve and wealthy men. ;) The chapel there has one out of five Tiffany and Co. windows signed by Mr. Tiffany himself. These were gorgeous stained-glass windows. I won't go into the whole story because I'm sure you didn't come here to read a completely history of Jekyll Island.
I then meandered through all the shops in town. I ended up buying some Georgia peach a-cot preserves and a little treat for my dad at the Commissary. All the stores were full of local art, seashells, etc. it was just the most amazing little place!

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